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We specialize in electronic hardware design, and software / firmware development.

Whether you need full turn-key solutions, or just to augment your existing engineering team, Sustained Technology can handle it.

Decades of Experience


Since 1995, Sustained Technology has been helping businesses develop successful products.  With our broad engineering background and experience, we're well equipped to contribute to your success story.

Capability Highlights


  • Hardware:

Analog signal processing & conditioning, high speed digital circuits, 10+Gb serial interfaces, micro-controllers & microprocessors, memory systems,  FPGA IP development & integration, switching & linear power supplies, PCB Layout.

  • Software/Firmware:

Windows & Linux software & drivers & GUIs, custom OS & kernels (real-time, multi-tasking, multi-threading), specialize in C, C++ & Python, but experienced with many other languages.

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