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Software Design Services

We provide software design and development services to:

  • Temporarily expand your existing software development team.

  • Deliver complete packages, whether you have software development staff or not.

  • Review / verify new or existing code from your software team.

We use top-down design techniques, and modular implementation methodologies for all software and firmware projects. Whenever a project includes delivery of source code, embedded documentation is a standard deliverable, and external documentation will be provided as needed.

We have extensive software / firmware design & development experience in these areas:

  • Programming in C, C++, Python, Perl, and a variety of assembly languages.

    • PC based (Window & Linux) software, from simple console apps to complete GUIs.

    • Programmable systems (scripting languages & compilers).

    • Data communication and remote transport (with security & data integrity protection).

    • Equipment control and monitoring.

  • Libraries and DLLs that can be used to develop other applications.

    • Hardware drivers and support libraries.

    • Data handling, reporting, and communication libraries.

    • Application specific interfaces to standard hardware.

  • Operating systems, kernels, and embedded systems.

    • Simple single tasking control systems for microcontroller based devices.

    • Real-time multi-tasking / multi-threaded device control systems.

    • Custom kernels and operating systems for specific applications.

    • We also work with many off-the-shelf OS and kernels.

  • Have a good working knowledge of Windows and Linux operating systems.

Since we also have hardware design expertise, we can help you define hardware that optimizes performance and reduces software complexity, or find and utilize features of your existing hardware to maximize system performance.

NOTE: This page merely summarizes the highlights of our software / firmware development expertise. If you are looking for a specific skill not listed here, please contact us. We probably have the experience you need.

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