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PCB Design Services

We provide PCB design services to:
  • Complete designs from your engineering team, if you have no layout staff.

  • Deliver complete design utilizing our engineering and layout staff.

  • Help you find and fix problems with an existing design / layout.

Over the years, we've come to the understanding that PCB layout is a very important part of successful electronic designs. For high speed and noise sensitive circuits, it is arguably the most important part. For this reason, we have cultivated a knowledgeable, capable PCB layout staff. Whether you use our PCB layout services, or your own staff, we encourage strong collaboration between design engineers and layout staff to ensure the critical needs of each design are met.

Our PCB design capabilities include:

  • Up to 16 layers (hidden and blind vias are available), from thru-hole to fine pitch SMD.

  • Controlled impedance / controlled dielectric.

  • Low noise / mixed signal and grounding considerations (cross-talk, shielding, ect.).

  • High speed differential signals (parallel routes, line length balancing, etc.).

  • High current and / or voltage requirements (trace width and separation requirements).

  • DFM considerations and IPC standard requirements.

  • Safety agency considerations (knowledge of several UL/IEC/ATEX standards).

  • Mechanical interference avoidance (including 3D modeling, if necessary)

  • Auto-routing or partial auto-routing available, if / when applicable

NOTE: This page merely summarizes the highlights of our PCB layout expertise. If you are looking for a specific skill not listed here, please contact us. We probably have the experience you need.

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