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Hardware Design Services

We provide electronic hardware design services to:

  • Temporarily expand your existing engineering team.

  • Deliver complete start to finish designs, whether you have engineering staff or not.

  • Review / verify new or existing designs from your engineering team.

  • Shepherd your products through safety agency approvals.

We have extensive hardware design experience in these areas:
  • Microprocessor / microcontroller / DSP systems for:

    • High speed computing, communications, and data processing.

    • Analog and mixed signal processing.

    • Real-time hardware control.

    • Low power / battery operated devices & controllers.

    • NOTE: Since we also have software expertise, we can balance hardware and software complexity to optimize designs for cost and performance.

  • Broadband / low noise and general analog circuits for:

    • Amplification (or attenuation), filtering, and signal conditioning.

    • Telemetry and precision measurement systems.

    • Power amplifiers and drivers (switching and linear).

    • Power regulation and control (switching and linear).

    • Some RF communications.

  • FPGA / CPLD development, including (but not limited to):

    • Application specific custom IP and building-blocks.

    • High speed data processing / communication blocks.

    • Memory controllers, interfaces and DMA engines.

    • Advanced control logic and state machines.

    • SOC integration (off-the-shelf & custom IP), and timing closure.

    • Experienced with Xilinx, Altera, Actel, and other development systems.

  • Close loop control systems (PLLs, synthesizers, speed/motion control, positioning)

We also understand how important PCB layout is to most electronic hardware designs, and can provide that service if needed. See our PCB Design Services page for details.

NOTE: This page merely summarizes the highlights of our hardware design expertise. If you are looking for a specific skill not listed here, please contact us. We probably have the experience you need.

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